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Sitges Blues

Sitges Blues

dark thoughts in the dark room

oh great, you came - didn’t think you would - seems weird standing here - you dressed - me bollock naked -  you can put your clothes in one of them lockers over there if you like -  that’s where I put mine-  no of course you don’t have to strip off -  just take your shirt off - whatever you feel comfortable with.

you’re very quiet - you okay? - you don’t look okay - you’ve got that look - you look disapproving - i  know you think it’s sleazy - i like sleazy - can’t you accept that?

of course it matters what you think you’re my partner - i thought we had an agreement -  we’re not monogamous -  do you want to be monogamous?  -  well then why do you have to look so disapproving?  - how many times do we have to have this conversation?  - you need to have sex with love but you don’t need to have love with sex - there’s no love here.

don’t look at me like that! -  i don’t do much for fuck’s sake and i’m always safe -   why do you have to make everything so fucking difficult?  -  why do you have to spoil everything?  - i’m going home!

no, sorry, i'll stay - you go.

open relationships - it all looks so easy on paper - sorry - yea -  you go - bye -  see you later - love you - don’t wait up -

love you.