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Stop Lgtbiq+fobia!

Stop Lgtbiq+fobia!

saturday 14 january 2023 -a  huge rally against homophobia at the town hall - not a good start to the year but a necessary one - the only response to a homophobic attack -  joan tarrida on the first day of the year

the great and the good were there - ministers and councillors -organisations and associations - most importantly -  the people of sitges

speeches and song from gvillermo rueda and salma lucie - as darkness falls we wave our lighted phones in solidarity

we shall stop this - sitges will remain safe

we demand more security on our streets - we demand that the fight against homophobia is taken into our schools - the attackers were young people - they were young people - change will not happen on its own!

in the distance a glimmer of light - our beautiful town is safe - we shall keep it that way

but we must act now!