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friday night - bears on the street - a queer beary fetish night in sitges

a cheeky cub's  bottom - a hairy bear belly proudly on show - an iron bear commands the street

though bleary drunken balmins kissed eyes a dog appears

the dog - not this dog I think:

work as an estate agent - suit and tie all bloody day long - so its quite a relief to come home - get naked - i´m allowed five mintes to shake off all the estate agent shit and turn back to my real self - i have five minutes to become a dog

i start with my collar - visible proof that I am owned - that i am not a free man - next i remove my CB6000 - the most up to date of male chastity devices - now it is time for my tail and to think about getting in to position - the natural position for a dog is on all fours - i wear leather pads on my knees to protect them - as a dog you are mainly naked but you do get to wear some leather

finally i put on my leather mitts - done now - one minute to spare - my owner will have heard me come in and will be coming for me soon - he likes me to greet him wagging my tail and barking

i love my owner as a good dog should - it seems natural to show my appreciation when I see him - he's coming now - i can hear him -as always i am very excited - after a long day at the office i feel truly human again -

as a dog

until bears sitges meeting may edition!

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