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A Variety of Queers

A Variety of Queers
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queenz full of queers full of queenz - a show for queers and queers on show -queer identity - queer freedom - being ourselves being others - celebration and reflection - laughter and tears - the music of the song - the music of the dance -  the music of the brave word - and a poem about hidden love.

the poem - oh secret voice of hidden love

oh secret voice of hidden love! - oh bleating without lambs - oh wound! - oh cankered camelia - bitter needle - sea less current - wall less city -                                                            oh immense night with sharpened profile - heavenly mountains peaks of grief - oh dog inside the heart - a persecuted voice - endless silence - lily in bloom

let me be hot voice of ice - and do not let me vanish in weeds where flesh and heaven groan without fruit - leave the hard ivory of my head - have pity on me -stop the torture - for I am love - for I am nature

-frederico garcia lorca

first show - first full colors sitges link queer festival - many more to come!

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