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How Queer is my Festival?

How Queer is my Festival?

Santa Tecla 2021 - city on fire

men with horns and capes - devils shooting fireworks at the heart - big boys in the line of fire -cowering from the sparks - demanding to be afraid - men and women waiting for their time inside the giant-  taking the weight on their shoulders - lifting their heads up high

city of festivals - city on fire - but how queer is the dance? - the elders of the city keep their silence

city of festivals - kings and carnaval- san jordi and san juan - gay pride and fiesta major -santa tecla and queerfest - zombies and fantasy - can a whole city be queer?  the elders of the city bide their time

party queer - dancing queer - queer in the night sky - how queer is my queer?  how queer is yours?  we're all queer now - now we are all queer

queer in the mainstream - queer without sex - queer without sexuality - queer without struggle - queer without pain - when will the party end?  when will a new queer begin?

         Colors Sitges Queer Fest   29/09 - 03/10