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The Art of Queer

The Art of Queer
bronze by eloi biosca

sitges june 2021 queer artists exhibition in estudi vidal

i want to be more queer - what shall I do to be more queer? -if I covered myself in paint -rainbow colours dripping from my nipples - would that make me more queer? - mud, blood, semen..shit? -what is the queerest thing I can do?

manuel riccardi (heels) martin lewton (queer body)

where will my art take me - where will you take me - where will I take you -where will you take you - how will things be different - how will we change?

my body is not a temple - my body is a weapon - my body is revolutionary -therefore my body is queer
but - you haven’t got a cock -and you call yourself a man - you haven’t got a cunt and you call yourself a girl - you’ve got breasts and a cock - who do you think you are?

you’re just a man with his dick cut off -you’re just a girl with a dick stuck on…..

NO - queer is different - queer is deviant -every part of the body is sexual -every part must change - I reject traditional gender identities - and this is my queer

all I have is this queer body of mine - and I use it up as I live

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