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A Queer Night at Parrots

A Queer Night at Parrots
A peek at Parrots

parrots queer - queer heart of the city - queer part of the town

placa industria - place of work -place to play

a seated sea of men - men deliciously drowning in men - men who like men together - and this is  bears week - no alternative sexualities this evening -no diversity of sexualities here tonight

queer male bodies up close and personal

comfortable and safe

eyeing up the queer possibilities in a guy's hairy leg - a guy's tight arse - some guy's cool trainers or his cocky camp

sexual heat -cock tales -grindr grinds on

or the dog in the night time arrives

and this night time procession rolls along - the queer show - seeing and being seen

queer sitges welcoming and warm

then suddenly a  straight guy with his mates

is laughing at the queers

he covers his mouth in mocking fear

one moment and he's gone

and the night time procession moves on

and no one noticed but me

and my large red wine

my comfortable parrots red wine.