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Not So Queer Sunday

Not So Queer Sunday

sunday in january - sitges  heaving in the afternoon sun - the monument stands proud and alone - bikers rest their gear on the rainbow bench - but where are the queers?

the rainbow crossing fading under straight feet -parrots closed on a sunday afternoon -an empty street stretches down to queenz - closed for the duration - dark sitges turned into a sushi bar - soho with its grills up -where are the queers?

is this covid - or was it always like this? - queers stay home in the winter - no topping up your tan in january - keep the faith they will return  - and even - on a very straight afternoon - queer buds of may  can be seen

shall I compare thee to a summer's day? - thou art more lovely and more temperate -rough winds do shake the darling buds of may - and summer's lease has all too short a date william shakespeare sonnet 18

not in sitges it don't - keep the faith