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Sitges Queer Old Year New Year

Sitges Queer Old Year New Year

2021 a year best forgotten? - a year to forget? -  months when we edged forward - one step forward two steps back - or two steps forward one step back? - no carnaval parade - no sitges gay pride - but a queerophony of queer events and bears of course - and bears.

a socially distanced queer descent into hell - circles of hell - the palau maricel

how brief - how vain - the goods committed into fortune's hands - for which the human race keep such a coil! - not all the gold - that is beneath the moon - or ever hath been - of these toil worn souls - might purchase rest for one - dante

ascending from hell - to a queer world opening up -  art and poetry - queer theatre and dance - a talent of sitges queers - sitges queer world alive again -

how queer will we be in 2022 - how queer will I be? - how queer will you be? how will we keep our queer queer?

one day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams   Dali