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Queer Gala

Queer Gala

gala for christmas - gala to stop sida - gala to fight aids  -good food - good wine -good company - music and dancing - youth and age - all genders here - all queer in sitges here

la secre and la pelos preside

we are all in our finery  - waiting  the eye of the camera - the camera that catches all - or so we think - or so we hope  - or so we fear

you looking at me? course you are

speeches from the committee -  a speech from the mayor - much deserved praise for the volunteers - the hiv/std testers - the fight goes on

lest we forget:  i am carl - i am 19 years old -i was diagnosed on the 14th august 1989  at 3.17 p.m. - sometimes this makes me very sad - if you are reading this - i am dead