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Sitges Pride

Sitges Pride
lady diamond

pride - pride in ourselves - pride in our friends - pride in our community - pride in our colours - every shade of flaming pink

pride in our queer sexuality - our queer identity - pride in our queer pride

pride in our queer majesty - our queer city - our queer power out on the hot queer sitges streets

pride in our beards and our bellies - our leather and our brawn

pride in our glitter and our glam and our soft smooth skin

samantha hudson

and this year -  in particular - pride in the queer diversity of our town - the queer women  - the queer bi - the queer trans - the non binario - the new queer leaders of our refreshed queer community - coming together with the queer men - ready for the fight

SITGES PRIDE JUNE 14 -18 2023                                                   @sitgesqueer