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Queer Bodies Live!

Queer Bodies Live!
que mirès eloi biosca 16,800€

soy una obra de arte - i am a work of art -  ¿soy una obra de arte? - am i a work of art?  no sé - don't know

and i've been asking the question - what makes me queer ? - what part of me is queer?  my head - my nipples - my arse? - no sé - don't know - i set off around the gallery looking for an answer - do the artworks hold a clue - can the audience help?

at the other end of the room demanding and confusing images stare out from the walls

i retreat to my painting - my queer summer - the painting i have made -  is this me?   and what makes it queer - what makes me queer?  no sé

my queer summer martin lewton 500€

and at the end of the show we decide that we are all works of art ! visit the exhibition - decide for yourself!  and on friday 10th june at 19.30 another performance of queer bodies live!   happy pride!!

            artwork for sale contact :      theatrenorth@gmail.com         @sitgesqueer