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The Queer Art of Manuel Corrales

The Queer Art of Manuel Corrales

a personal invitation - the inauguration of a new queer exhibition - cava of course - and queer sitges artist - manuel corrales - takes centre stage

queer bodies - queer faces -queer identities  - dark eyes and red lips - high cheek bones and pert nipples -bursting out of sequined dresses - with colour and light

a darker side emerges - a weary body lined with ages - a lipstick cock smearing his now thin lips - an unexpected opening of the legs - all queer life is here

we go out into the sunshine - a queer concert begins - inside the building the queer gaze remains - queer images staring out from the wall - they have gazed at us - now they gaze at one another - until the next spectators arrive  - and they weave their queer magic once again

visit manuel's exhibition- poster at top of the page - and - check out the cossos queer /queer bodies exhibition - estudio vidal sitges - june 3 -12 2022 www.colorssitgeslink.org.