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Bears on the Beach

Bears on the Beach

it's time - the bears sitges meeting may 2022 - on balmins beach - shrinking with the spring tide - pressed together - the brown beary flesh luxuriates on the sand - like peeling an orange on a sunny afternoon in april - all stripped bear

bears at ease with their sumptuous beary flesh - the hair curling down over the beautiful belly - the tattooed paw - the rainbow bracelet - bears and their cubs at ease in the afternoon sun

the reverie is broken by a commotion out at sea - some pillock on a jet ski is buzzing the bears in the water - shouting abuse - hompohobic or not he is too far away to hear - but I think we know

the cavalry arrive - the mossos police on their big boat -  - the bears on the beach applaud - the man is taken onboard

the peace returns - the flesh burns brighter now

keeping the flame alight until september 2  when the international bears sitges meet begins

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