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sitgesqueer on the examination table - coming up to twenty posts - where is it going? -what is it for?

bears with dark thoughts in the dark room - queer firecrackers and trans queer - the art of queer - performing queer - festival queer - my queer body - your queer body - my queer cock - your queer arse - queer and not so queer - my queer life on the table - our queer life under the magnifying glass - in sitges - queer sitges - a jewel in the crown of the bejewelled queer world

uncensored men

documenting queer - interrogating queer - designating sitges as the centre of the queer world - the queer calm before the storm - the queer eye of the tempest - the queer calm after the deluge - what fun is to be had with words

a sub culture of queer that reaches out and  permeates the globe - defining ourselves - defining others - bursting out from our thin queer skins - stories to be told - a world to be changed - a queerhood to be forged - in sitges - centre of our changing queer world - no need for an examination - no room for doubt - the blogs will keep coming - because a queer blog writes itself - and takes us where it will

besos - kisses - and follow the new twitter account