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Visible Queer

Visible Queer
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04 - 11 -2021 - hoorah - return of the queer sitges socials - after a long covid break - where else but -  chez johanna - carrer de st pere - our host -  the fabulous -johanna!


visibility story 1 -for me - trans visibilty should be every day - it is very complicated right up to the end of our life - but you have to fight - we have to fight each day to be who we are

i am a woman and a transexual - everyone tells me that i am not a transexual - that i am a woman - but i don't agree - the children need to know that we transgender woman exist - to help the community - to be able to follow in our footsteps and achieve their fullness

johanna's speech - sitges - trans visibilty day 2021

visibility story 2 - london - summer 2021 -a friend of a friend - a lgbtqi+ support worker - was asked by the police to go with them onto hampstead heath and ponds (a well known cruising area) - at night - to advise men that they were breaking social distancing rules - he discovered hundreds of men - most of whom told him they were "straight" and married - this was in summer 2021